We get many inquires about the therapies we have tried with Gianna and our experience.  Although we have a youtube, it doesn't really explain the therapy, how it's helped Gianna and more information about the therapy.  Under the therapies tab you will find some of the therapies we are currently doing or have done with Gianna.  

Please note, there really hasn't been anything we have done that has had a negative impact on Gianna.  Some Therapies we learned when Gianna was very young but at the time, our resources were limited to just doing the things that we thought helped the most. 

There are many therapies we're glad we did later (Gianna's seizures were so severe) and some, we wish we did sooner like HBOT, CME and Cannabis.  

It is also important to note that we didn't do these therapies all at the same time.  

As a special needs parent you get bombarded with questions like:  "have you done this treatment/therapy?", "have you heard of this doctor?".  We put everything we learned on a list and eventually  got to cross some of them off.  There are many more on the list to hopefully share with you soon.