Quantum Reflex Integration​

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The MNRI method created by Svetlana Masgutova is a therapeutic technique that uses the body’s own resources to foster development, improve everyday living and enhance life-long skills.  A primary reflex, also known as a primitive reflex, consists of a three part circuit: 1) sensory stimulation, 2) brain processing and 3) motor response.  Errors can occur in this three part circuit.  If a problem occurs, then maturation and integration of this reflex will not take place.  This causes the nerve network of the brain to be underdeveloped.  The Masgutova Method helps remind the body of this three part circuit, which allows the brain to strengthen its connections.

Reflex Integration

Reflex integration is an approach that uses gentle and subtle movement patterns to develop optimal nerve net connections between the body and the brain.  Reflexes create the neurological “pattern” or nerve net system to accomplish physical tasks, cognitive tasks, and the ability to feel safe in our environment.  Many primary reflexes begin as protective reflexes for our survival.  They then establish the neural pathways for new learning  and development.  The child’s development may not progress smoothly until reflexes are integrating and working together.

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Gianna was evaluated by Svetlana Masgutova and was followed up by  practitioner Hela Bali Kammoun at Brain Reconnection with her treatment program.  After weeks of sessions, Gianna's hands were more open (not as clenched fisted), her crawling improved, and her delayed reflexes addressed in the evaluation improved.  This is on our list to follow up with a 2nd evaluation and sessions with Hela.    

Quantum Reflex Integration combines light (Low Level Laser Therapy) to revolutionize the way reflexes are integrated.  Cold lasers  are combined with the integration of primitive reflex patterns and improvements are seen in cognition, behavior, emotional stability, and movement.  Cold lasers increase the amount of ATP within the cell by stimulating the mitochondria. Cold lasers can be used to reduce inflammation in the body, improve neuro-musculo-skeletal conditions,  and promote nerve growth. The laser light penetrates deeply into the skin and works to reverse abnormal cellular function.  Quantum Reflex Integration re-patterning techniques, begin a reorganization of nerve net pathways to improve the rapidity and efficiency of neurological connections due to the brain’s plasticity.

Masgutova Neurosensory Integration (MNRI)

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In 2011, we purchased a cold laser and started the QRI (Quantum Reflex Integration) with Bonnie Brandes.   I love the laser with the reflex work.  The QRI laser serves to integrate the reflexes with additional benefits of anti-inflammatory results.  We have found it to support Giannas immune system when she is ill, and we especially love how it heals her words from hand biting.  We use the laser even without reflex work.  

Recently Bonnie Brandes QRI program includes a harmonic laser combining sound (harmonious frequencies) and light (low level laser).  We have not yet got the resources to purchase this laser and training but would also like to learn more.