Silly Spin ABC

Z is for Zebra

O is for Ostrich

C is for Cat

Learning Giraffe creates fun and educational apps for children.

This inspiring company from California was created by two moms, Natalie Dragotto and Jennifer Straiton.

Both Children, Levi (age 7) and Gianna (age 11) live with special needs and have been diagnosed with rare and catastrophic seizure disorders.

When the medical bills to care for their children became unmanageable and having fundraiser after fundraiser was not enough, they decided to join forces and start a company that made apps for children of all abilities.

Introducing Silly Spin ABC.  A beautifully illustrated alphabet app, filled with the silliest sound effects and a rocking ABC song.  Even if you already know your ABC's, there are over 150 hidden interactive actions and fun facts waiting to be discovered with every spin.  Silly Spin ABC sparks imagination and provides endless entertainment that you can take everywhere. 

Their dream is that you will support their cause by purchasing this fun educational app, because EVERY sale of Silly Spin ABC benefits the healing of these two brave children.

Please share Silly Spin ABC and Levi and gianna's courageaous story with everyone you know.

​Thanks for your support.

Meet my friend Levi. 

He also has a rare and catastrophic seizure disorder. Even though his diagnosis is totally different than mine, we face very similar challenges.  I can't believe I know someone who has as many seizures a day as I do! 

Levi is a strong and brave boy, who is a warrior just like me.

Our mom's joined forces to make Silly Spin ABC, a super fun learn your alphabet app.  I hope you will love it as much as Levi and I do.



Learn your ABC's with a spin of the wheel

Entertaining and edcuational apps

for children of all abilities

F is for Firetruck