~Written by Natalie (updated Feb. 2016)

The life vessel is a medical device that employs therapeutic modalities associated with frequency, vibration, sound and light and infrared light to relax and rebalance the body.  The life vessel utilizes an infrared light source, in addition to a combination of vibration, sound and visible light in a non-invasive series of treatments.   The infrared light allows for an increase in both blood circulation and oxygen levels in the cells, while the simultaneous combination of vibration, sound and light facilitates the ultimate experience in relaxation therapy.   This relaxation therapy helps the autonomic nervous system.  

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I did notice improvements with decrease in seizure frequency from her not being sick,  noticed that she did have bowel movements frequently to a point that it seemed she was detoxing.  (Constipation is always an issue with Gianna's diet).   Gianna slept better and had more energy during her physical therapy sessions.  I want to try to continue this therapy on the benefit’s we have seen.  Gianna never has slept very well since seizures began at age 6 months.  Sleep is important and just proves that the body is healing.   After we did the first 3 months protocol and we saw improvements, we started doing HBOT With the life vessel treatments during the same time.  HBOT with Life Vessel got great results (example is E-I-E-I-O video).  Of course, it’s hard to keep up with everything and I do want to start back with both more consistent again.

Life Vessel

We learned about life vessel in 2007.    Gianna was 3 years old and I was assisting her at school everyday in her classroom.  I noticed some significant improvements in a little boy in her class and commented to his mom as she was picking him up after school.  She explained that they were doing a therapy called Life Vessel.  We just had finished the 40 sessions of Hyperbaric treatments (HBOT)  and was seeing such great improvements in Gianna.  We consulted the Life Vessel Center who recommended we start without doing other therapies so we could we have a baseline of the differences we see in Gianna.  At that time, we had just scheduled another 40 sessions of HBOT and we were ready to start an intensive for the first time doing Suit therapy at NAPA Center.  

The Life Vessel treatments consists of 4 consecutive 1 hour treatments and the protocol of 4 sessions for the first month wait 20-30 days and then continue with 4 consecutive sessions 2nd and 3rd month  Since we already had Gianna scheduled for HBOT and Intensive Suit for 6 weeks we decided to wait.

In 2013,  I was reminded about Life Vessel again.  Another parent had done the treatments and asked me if I had heard about it.  By this point, I already knew the benefits in HBOT and intensive therapy and really wanted to see how Gianna would benefit because how she still was showing frequent seizures with any body stress, seizures were very frequent (every minute+) but was doing great with her gains she was doing in CME at the time.  

 We did the first treatment in 2013.  You lay on a mattress in an enclosed box and you can feel vibrations as you hear music playing for an hour.  I probably would have been really claustrophobic but it really is relaxing and I always fell asleep.  I didn’t think or even consider me feeling anything from going in with Gianna but surprisingly I found that I just wanted to sleep and I also slept better.  Before Life Vessel, I was starting to have anxiety (waking up in the middle of the night in a panic attack feeling.  It was nice to finally have a deep sleep.  During the treatments months I also even had to take naps because my body was probably healing and needed more sleep.  Since Gianna has been born, I don’t get that much sleep because I’m always used to waking up checking on Gianna.

Gianna sleeping patterns improved and for the first time she was also sleeping through the entire night without waking up.  She had more energy and she was babbling more.  It was around this time that she said E-I-E-I-O.