Gianna completed her first GyroStim session summer of 2013.  She showed immediate effects from the treatment.  She did not participate in any other form of therapy for the week outside of Gyrostim, so all gains could be attributed to her GyroStim therapy.   Gianna showed improved postural control reflexes/balance/spacial awareness.  Gianna began to access her postural control and coordinate use of her muscles throughout her entire body in a way that she never had before.  Not only did she coordinate her lower extremities for more effective postural control reflexes, but also she began to raise her hands up and out to the side and use them to support her balance for the first time.  6 months later we did a 2nd session in February 2014.  Gianna immediately required decrease in overall support in CME exercises (support more distally at her ankles versus her thighs or knees) to remain upright in standing and walking and was able to maintain her balance for a longer period of time. Gianna began to demonstrate posterior postural control reflexes in sitting and standing more consistently.  Gianna's postural control reflexes has a profound impact on her overall safety as she typically throws herself back in sitting and standing resulting in loss of balance and injury.  Gianna's overall safety has improved with the ability to catch herself from falling in sitting and standing.  In 2014 Gianna's seizures became more frequent (every 10-30 seconds and she was having large longer grand-mal seizures that contributed to her starting to throw herself back and decreased body awareness.  August 2015, we completed a 3rd GyroStim session which Gianna successfully regained her posterior postural control reflexes and body awareness.  She also showed improved vocalization and improved sensory integration.   GyroStim therapy has proven to be yet another key component in Gianna's overall success and progression.

GyroStim is a powerful and precise computer controlled multi-axis rotating chair. It safely and comfortably rotates a person in either the pitch axis (summersaults) or the yaw axis (office chair spins) or both axes at the same time.  GyroStim is uniquely capable of combining vestibular stimulation with multi sensory processing exercises.  Its advanced technology and innovative brain training applications can improve balance and brain performance regardless of your current brain health:   from extremely dysfunctional to extremely high functioning, or like most of us somewhere in-between.  GyroStim immerses you in a dynamic brain training environment that presents repetitious cognitive and physical challenges.  GyroStim can incrementally challenge and push your brain's processing and reaction time skills well beyond existing abilities.  Controllable, precise, and powerful, each GyroStim session is customized to meet each clients specific needs.

GyroStim is automated to allow clinicians to maintain specific control over the intensity of stimulation in each therapy session, enabling the application of strategies that rapidly rehabilitate and retrain. It extends far beyond the limitations of manually propelled vestibular therapy equipment such as swinging, platforms, rolling tubes, and spinning chairs with its precision and ability to access all planes of the vestibular system in a single treatment session. 

The vestibular system is the system that provides the leading contribution about the sense of balance and spatial orientation for the purpose of coordinating movement with balance.  We learned the importance of the vestibular system when Gianna did CME (Cuevas Medek Exercises) and seeing for ourselves the results when doing exercises using techniques that exposes Gianna to the influence of gravity force.  CME relies strongly on the vestibular and proprioceptor systems.  As Gianna is getting older and heavier, some of the techniques are difficult and can no longer can be done to get this input that is needed.  Gianna needs vestibular stimulation to maintain balance, upright posture, and sense of where her body is in relation to the environment.