Gavin Broomes evaluated Gianna in October 2015 to design a home therapy program teaching us a list of exercise techniques to strengthen certain areas he found that needed attention. 

Fascia therapy is a rehabilitation concept and techniques created by a Canadian physical therapist named Gavin Broomes. It is designed to provide a broader understanding of neurodevelopmental disorders as well as teach and train families and professionals unique and innovative skills to promote improved health and biomechanics performance.  

Fascia is a jelly like substance that is made from collagen and elastin. Fascia serves a very important function for the soft tissue in our bodies.  Facia therapy is an effective tool to improve tissue health and systemic homeostasis with innovative techniques.

We are scheduled for a follow-up in March 2016 for Gavin to evaluate and address the progress from the last 6 month of doing these fascia exercise techniques. 

The techniques included a respiratory wrap to help strengthen her diaphragm.  Focus on deep tissue massage using a silicone egg in her upper Rhombus and thorax area.  The goal is to help improve elasticity in these areas (improved oxygenation).  

Fascia Therapy

Gianna has always been "floppy" (low toned) and starting this year we have been noticing she is tight in her hips, feet, hands and upper thigh areas.  The deep tissue egg technique we have noticed has helped Gianna.  I never really noticed before that Gianna was a shallow breather and now noticing from the techniques this has also improved.  Gianna's seizures have improved just recently with the Cannabis oils,  but the past years of having frequent drop seizures is showing a ball on the back of Gianna's neck.   Gavin described it as C7 upper Rhombus.  (Picture below)  This area has improved but still needs to be done more frequently.