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We heard about CME through a parent who contacted us through Gianna's Youtube.  Oula was from Canada, but lived 8 months out of the year in Chile to do CME with Ramon Cuevas.  She encouraged us to come do the therapy as it had helped her son Yussuf.  Other parents we knew also were traveling to Canada, and New Jersey to do this therapy with CME practitioners.   It was years later (2011) that we finally decided to schedule a month of sessions with Ramon Cuevas.  We asked Gianna's therapist, Alyssa Parker, to travel and learn CME so we could follow through with a trained practitioner close to home.  Thankfully Alyssa said yes! 

We returned home and continued CME therapy with Alyssa.  Within 3 months of returning home, Gianna was getting up from floor to sit position and staying up!! In a year and a 1/2, Gianna was crawling!  CME is by far the most effective therapy with results.  CME directly utilizes the body's automatic response to vestibular stimulation to achieve motor milestones.  Gianna began to access her postural control and coordinate use of her muscles throughout her entire body in a way she never had before.

Cuevas Medek Exercises (CME)

Cuevas Medek Exercises (CME) is a pediatric physiotherapy approach created by Ramon Cuevas.  CME is based on dynamic challenging exercises manually applied for children whose developmental motor functions are impaired or delayed. This approach provides very concrete guidelines to stimulate a child's natural recovery potential while exposing them to the forces of gravity while allowing the child to react appropriately. In CME, the child is never placed in a position to play; the child is always actively doing something new with the help of the therapist.