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This training grows neurons at 1/10th mm per day, during listening sessions that last 1.5 hours  and directly repairs the apparatus of the ear, which is literally a transducer; a mechanical device that changes one thing to another thing.  The ear changes sound wave energy to mechanical energy in the middle ear, mechanical energy to electrical energy in the inner ear for proper chemical exchange in the brain.  If the eardrum (tympanic membrane) which is the front door, is not tuned, as every drum must be, then this incoming sound wave information is not even accurate from the eardrum!  The inner ear that is made up of the cochlea and the vestibular system is literally misinformed or worse, uninformed or under stimulated.    The cochlea is the analyzer of sound frequencies and the vestibule is the master processor of the entire sensory system, every muscle in the body including the middle ear muscles whose job it is to maintain the proper tuning of the drum, and eye muscles for visual focus and stability, as well as balance, coordination, muscle tone, joint to joint communication(proprioception), and touch (tactile information).  Of the 12 CNS nerves 10 are processed through the ear.  In the case of Gianna the primary service due to her extreme numbers of seizure activity was to continuously allow for neural growth and repair from seizure damage, and to activate the vestibule.  If the vestibule is not receiving its full range of frequencies of 125-2000Hz, then it does not send its information to the limbic system, the cerebellum the RAZ or the Pons, all areas of reception from the vestibular cochlear nerve, and remaining sensory and motor nerves.  

As a result of Gianna‚Äôs listening regimen, she has progressed cognitively, motoricly, receptively/ expressively(auditory processing), vocally, she is present in all of her therapies, very seldom is she checked out from her demanding therapy schedule and schooling.  A common observation among physical therapists who have worked with children before and after auditory training.  Gianna is able to counter the effects of the constant barrage of seizures that have plagued her remarkable body and experience.  Gianna is supported by sound frequencies necessary for homeostasis and development.  Her many other therapies all work to stimulate the vestibular system from a motor or movement modality, Auditory Vestibular Training, as Alfred Tomatis taught the world, directly and passively repairs the apparatus (ear) that provides the exact frequencies necessary for its depth of function and purpose.  

This was written with the help of Gianna's Auditory therapist Geni King.  Please click below for contact information. 

Auditory Vestibular Training

Gianna has been able to receive at least one to two full programs of  AVT per year for the past seven years, since she was five years old.  At that time Gianna was having hundreds of seizures per hour somedays, which is difficult to imagine and strange to recall given who Gianna is now in this matter. On a good day she may have less seizures / hour as a result of all the combined approaches toward her healing.  All of which work to stimulate the vestibular system.  The auditory vestibular training for Gianna has been a slow and patient design based on what Gianna has been able to tolerate and receive, since she has never been able to take a formal listening test.  Based on this, designing her programs has required constant visual and hands on observation to recognize what she needs at any given moment during her sessions.  Based on the principles of brain development:  The brain grows hierarchically in very specific defaulted stages that apply to all regardless of age.  If the vestibular system is not able to be stimulated with the proper frequencies from 125Hz to 2000Hz then all of the functions of the vestibular system will not be in play with integrity, if at all.  This is where movement has been the sister modality along with sound for getting the vital pathways or afferent pathways INTO, the vestibule stimulated in order for the processing of this incoming information to occur for the efferent pathways to then follow through with an appropriate outgoing response.  

This is also known as Sound Therapy, Tomatis Based Sound Therapy, Enlisten, Integrated Listening,  Listening Therapy.  All use an electronic ear, a device that isolates the sound frequencies present in Mozart, Gregorian Chant and the mother's voice to reprogram the cochlea and repair the ear itself.

Auditory training is a sound stimulation therapy treating sensory integration disorder and auditory processing disorders, it affects overall tonisity and all listening difficulties for learning and cognitive development.  Auditory training uses different sound frequencies to help the ear and brain tune in and pay attention.  By stimulating the brain and body with different isolated frequencies, the brains ability to change is ignited and neuro pathways are repaired to counter seizure damage.